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Value Proposition

The challenge:
Only an estimated 30% of family and individual fortunes survive the second generation, and just 20% of those make it through to the third generation // Institutional asset owners fail to develop and implement sustainable investment strategies and therefore achieve sub-optimal investment results // A key reason for this dramatic wealth deterioration is a lack of independent advice targeted to the needs of long-term oriented wealth holders.

Our value proposition:
Our advice is tailored to the needs of long-term oriented investors and has the following characteristics:

  • Highly bespoke and tailored: Our clients have direct access to our senior partners who provide the trusted and personalised advice that is so rare to find in today’s consulting world
  • Independent: onValues is fully management owned and we are paid exclusively by our asset owner clients for advisory services (usually on a time basis)
  • Transparent: Our clients receive full transparency about our advice, costs and services
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest: We are not money managers and are not involved in any kind of financial product management or distribution
  • Grounded in scientific research: We regularly interact with researchers and integrate their latest findings in our work, including lessons learned from Behavioural Finance and the experience of large institutional investors.

onValues edge:

  • The founder and the advisors of the company have in total more than 60 years of professional experience in leading private and institutional wealth management positions
  • We provide advice for the entire wealth of clients and across all asset classes, always with a view on the long-term. We do this by using a global network of specialist consultants that regularly work for us. This allows us to tap into a vast multi-disciplinary knowledge pool focusing on specific regions and asset classes.
  • Our profound experience in macro-economic research and integrating sustainability and impact considerations in investment strategies are key distinguishing strengths of our advisory framework.
  • We focus on a limited number of clients that we typically serve over long periods. This ensures that clients receive a highly personalised service and have direct access to our team. Being a long-term trusted advisor of families allows us to advise them on intergenerational wealth issues and help them in getting their next-gens on board.