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Leading Swiss business newspaper highlights potential conflicts of interest of certain investment consulting practices

The ‹Neue Zuercher Zeitung› has today published a critical assessment of certain trends and practices observed in the investment consulting world. In particular, the newspaper criticises the lack of transparency and potential conflicts of interests related to investment consultancies offering own asset management services and products or recommending those of «preferred partner» banks.  It is worthwhile in this context highlighting the characteristics that make onValues a truly independent investment consultancy: a) the company is fully management owned, b) it does not offer own investment products, c) it does not accept any kind of retrocession or hidden fee (such as database fees) from asset management institutions, d) it excludes «preferred partner» relationships with any asset management institution.

View the NZZ article (German only): Sie_verlassen_onValues «Pensionskassenberatung im Interessenskonflikt»

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