Sustainable investments in Switzerland rebound strongly in 2009, reaching a new all-time high

onValues today published the results of the regular survey of the Swiss sustainable investment market per end of December 2009, which includes sustainable assets managed in Switzerland through funds, mandates and structured products. A total of 19 managers reported their assets under management in a range of different sustainable investment styles.

After the decline experienced in 2008 due to the financial crisis, the Swiss sustainable investment market has in 2009 returned to the strong growth pattern observed in previous years. Per end of 2009 the sustainable market had reached and surpassed again the peak volume experienced before the financial crisis. The size of the sustainable market per end of 2009 was 34.1 billion CHF (funds, mandates, structured products), which corresponds to an increase of 63.4% compared to the same value per end of December 2008. If we take sustainable funds only, the assets increased by 54.4%. In comparison, the Swiss fund provider assets under management for comparable fund categories increased by 12.2% in the period December 2008 to December 2009.

Sustainable funds experienced a considerably higher cash inflow than the market average in 2009. Net asset inflow in sustainable funds was approximately 22.9%, compared to 4.5% experienced by the average Swiss fund provider in 2009. Funds account for approximately 55%, mandates for 40% and structured products for 5% of the total sustainable investment market volume, with only small changes in the relative share compared to the previous year. Retail / private banking investors have further expanded their majority position in the market (55.4% of the total market, compared to the 44.6% of institutional investors). Equity with its share of 61.5% remains the most important asset class in the sustainable market, having somewhat reduced its market share in favour of fixed income investments compared to last year.

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