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A total portfolio approach for promoting peace (SDG 16)

We are honoured to provide strategic support to the PeaceNexus Foundation through our founder’s role as trustee of the foundation.  PeaceNexus provides key actors such as multilateral organisations, governments, non-profit organisations and business actors with expertise and advice on how they can make best use of their peacebuilding role and capacity to help stabilise and reconcile conflict-affected societies. Geographically it focuses on four regions – the Balkans, Central Asia, South East Asia and West Africa/the Sahel – where it supports both international and local peacebuilding organisations with strategy and organisational development advice. It also helps companies active in fragile states integrate a conflict-sensitive approach in their operations and in dealing with local stakeholders.

PeaceNexus is one of the few privately funded foundations fully dedicated to implementing the Sustainable Development Goal #16 aimed at “promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels”.  It recently explored ways to use its capital in support of the mission and seeded a new investment fund aimed at positive peace outcomes through engagement with the companies it invests in.  With this total portfolio approach, PeaceNexus is able to increase its impact in the field and to use synergies between the grant-making and investment side of the foundation.

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