SRI and impact investments at European foundations

On behalf of the Swedish foundation Mistra, onValues has initiated a project aimed at assessing how leading European foundations use sustainable and responsible investments (SRI) and so-called «impact investments» to better align the endowment management to their mission. Research shows that foundations can invest in SRI without negative repercussions on financial returns. Foundations also have the possibility to directly contribute to their missions through the emerging field of impact investments, which aim to create a tangible social return while preserving invested capital.

The report resulting from the project will showcase European foundations that have adopted SRI or impact investment strategies in support of their missions. Through detailed case studies and personal interviews with foundation trustees and managers, the report will extract key messages for other foundations considering this process.  Alongside these case studies, the report will convey basic information on the challenges of implementing SRI and impact investing and point to resources for further support.

This is the first report to focus specifically on responsible investment at European foundations and onValues plans to present its findings widely. Further information will be available in spring 2011.