Institutional investors

Our pension fund and insurance clients believe in a disciplined, long-term oriented approach to asset management, which takes into account material environmental, social and governance issues.  They typically demand the following services from us:

  • Definition of investment strategies, policies and governance frameworks across all asset classes   
  • Support in integrating ESG criteria in internal investment and research processes, and training of relevant staff
  • Global search, selection and monitoring of external asset managers, including support in defining and managing Request for Proposal processes (comprehensive onValues database with over 300 managers monitored)
  • Screening and selection of suitable investment funds (comprehensive onValues database with over 10’000 funds)
  • Facilitation and moderation of investor platforms and collaborative engagements. We have for example facilitated the Enhanced Analytics Initiative (an investor coalition with the goal of catalysing better ESG research from investment brokers) and the Who Cares Wins series of conferences.